Angie`s List Membership Agreement

If you feel like getting away from Angie`s cunning, you`ll probably want to get rid of your account first. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, but you have a few possibilities. Your best option is to cancel your paid subscription. You lose access to some features, but you can continue to use the website. They installed their equipment, covered my floors, carpets, furniture, boxes and doors packed with protective materials very carefully, and then came back to remove the shape of the ceiling and walls with microbial cleaner/washer. They monitored the premises for 3 days to ensure that all mold spores had been removed. I received very detailed information about the process they were going to use, and when Luis arrived, he gave me verbal details about what was going to be done. I received a full written quote with each item mentioned that would be used during the process. In the end, there were no surprises or hidden fees. What was quoted was what I paid. HLK specialists have been listed.

I can`t evaluate him because he never came. I emailed Angie`s Cunning and Sidney called within 5 minutes of my request. We have agreed on an appointment to clean the ventilation slots. I was waiting for him to arrive, I never showed up and I never called. I can`t believe it`s on the site. Very disappointed and will no longer use Angie`s cunning. If you cancel your paid subscription to Angel`s List 30 days before renewal, you can request a full refund. You cannot be refunded for the initial subscription, but only for renewal. That`s as much as we can tell you how to get rid of your Angie`s List subscription or account! For more help in your efforts around the house and beyond, take a look at our list of the top 10 sites to find local businesses! Check out the fine print of the Angie`s List subscription for a complete overview of what you`re entitled to. I just found out there was a class action lawsuit on AngiesList. I was really nominated by AngiesList 4 years ago, when I chose an entrepreneur from their list because they gave them more ratings.

He didn`t have a valid contractor`s license, he had an LLC license (which prevents him from doing more than $1,000 of work at a time) that had expired the previous year. All of Angies` information about this guy was false. I paid $15,000 to this guy, and he ruined my kitchen, I filed a complaint with AZ`s ROC, and they found out he had to give me my money back, but he didn`t. You couldn`t help because he didn`t have a license, he`s now in jail for fraud and drug charges that have nothing to do with my case. If you cancel your paid subscription to Angie`s List, you will lose access to some features, but you can continue to use the website. If you want to completely delete your account, you must contact the after-sales service team again with this specific request. Angie`s List must receive cancellation requests by 5 p.m. AND one business day prior to the renewal date, or your account is extended for an additional year.

DoNotPay can help you talk to the after-sales service without waiting or running, and you need to cancel your membership within a few moments. All you need to do now is wait for the email from us informing you that we have cancelled your Angie`s List subscription. Angie`s List offers several ways to terminate your membership. Once you cancel your paid subscription, you can continue to access some of its features in a limited capacity….