Ark Of Agreement

The words “alliance” and alliances are imitated by the hethetic, Egyptian and Assyrian diplomatic treaties between the kingdoms. When a treaty was concluded by war or peace between these old kingdoms, the Hittites had always created the necessary legal arrangements, laws and legal documents that engraved the treaty in stone to qualify the event. Heitite laws and diplomatic treaties were inspired by ancient Mesopotamian societies. Therefore, the ark of the original covenant (treaty) could be the result of the peace treaty between the Egyptian pharaoh Ramesses II of the 19th dynasty and the hethetic king Hattusili III. “Ark” comes from the Greek word for chest. “Alliance” means a contract or agreement. The Ark has become a constant memory of God`s treaty with his chosen people. The ark of the covenant was built around 1446 BC to hold the two stone tables, which were inscribed with the Ten Commandments moses had given from God on Mount Sinai. The directives on the two stone tables were part of the solemn federal agreement (or “will”) between the Israelis and God.

The Israelis, as God`s chosen people, declared themselves ready to follow these directives, while God promised to bless them. COVENANT is a promise under the sea,1. i.e. a promise, agreement or contract contained in an act or instrument … A contract is subject, in many respects, to the same rules as other treaties; for the latter, see treated; State; I promise you, it`s not going to work out. Number two. The meaning of the word “covenant” (Greek) or Hebrew is a “promise, promise, commitment, agreement, contract or treaty.” Therefore, “The Ark of the Union” is truly “The Ark of the Treaty” and it is in the Bible that this oldest and most famous treaty of all time was concluded between God and Israel. The spear of fate fell on April 30, 1945 in the hands of American soldiers.

A few hours after the departure of the Nazi St. Lance, Hitler committed suicide in his Berlin bunker. Today, the spear of fate is back at the Habsburg Treasury Museum in Vienna. “Let them make an arch of acacia wood – two and a half elbows [3.75 feet, or 1.1 meters] long, one bent and half [2.25 feet or 0.7 meters] wide, and half-and-a-half [2.25 feet] in height. Layer it with pure gold, both inside and out, and make a gold shape around it. Exodus 25:10-11. The sudden disappearance of the Ark has made it a subject of speculation over the centuries, and in the twentieth century, following the successes of archaeology in the discovery of so many ancient sites, the search for the Ark of the Covenant, or at least other information about its fate, has emerged. Those involved in the research are grappling with a spectrum of theories, including some assertions from individuals that they have actually discovered the Ark. As described in the Old Testament, the ark of the covenant served as a physical sign of God`s presence for the Israelites.