Dan Murphy`s Agreement 2012

As soon as the base rate of a rate saved corresponds to the new rate at that level, Dan Murphy`s applies the total amount of any future salary increase under the new agreement to that same rate of pay. The proposed agreement will not have any lags that, until now, allowed two teams to work in one day with less than ten hours break between stations. Now there must be a 12-hour break (or 10 hours by appointment) between the conclusion of a position and the start of the next position. This means that, in some stores, the current practice of using splitting layers is no longer permitted. The proposed agreement introduces provisions on shift work. Team members must be hired by Dan Murphy as shapeshifters. No current team member is hired as a shift worker. Current team members can only become shift workers by mutual agreement. In 2012, Dan Murphy`s was elected the 2012 brW retailer and continues his commitment to innovation and customer service with new product offerings, including his recently launched smartphone app, which allows users to get an image of a bottle tag or barcode to read product information, expert reviews and recommendations.

Team members ranked Level 1 or Level 2 under Dan Murphy`s 2012 agreement paid at level 2 for 90% or more of the hours worked immediately before the voting period, will benefit from an annual increase of at least 50% of the amount of the increase until their base salary is equal to the insert rate- Premiums for cold work supplements: refrigerator premium and enhanced freezing premium (a) the proposed agreement includes a refrigerator premium. The refrigerator allowance offers team members who work mainly every day: i) ride in cold rooms; and/or (ii) a cold work allowance of $0.29 per hour is paid for the storage and filling of refrigerated warehouses such as milk boxes or freezers. (b) The Freezers allowance of the proposed agreement provides that a team member who must work in a cold room with a temperature below 0oC receives the freezer allowance of $0.44 per hour and the refrigerator allowance of $0.29 per hour. That`s a total premium of $0.73 per hour.