Eservices Agreement

You can enter into the Corporate eServices banking contract with your OP co-operative bank. Make an appointment. 7.2 To meet the requirement: do not keep the information longer than usual, we do not enter into the eService agreement once you have opted for the relevant service and this data will be deleted after 6 months after the account closes, unless there is a legal obligation or legal use that will require the retention of this information. In practice, this means that these agreements will be respected until all offences for which a cargo (communication for hearing) has been notified electronically to the e-mail address indicated by electronic invocation are completed and such notification is considered a valid notification under the law, which does not require subsequent postal disclosure of the cargo. The online services agreement for small business and institutional customers is ideal for micro and small businesses. On this online service, you can z.B.: THIRD PARTY SERVICES PARTNERS 6.4 We can share your data to provide you with specific services on your request. For example, we pass on your data to our subcontractors so they can provide eService agreements. In these cases, your data will only be transmitted after requesting the use of eServices. You can revoke your consent at any time by contacting our contact page, but please note that this may compromise your ability to use these services in the future. Remember that if we share your data with our subcontractors in such cases, you are also subject to our outsourced privacy policy. The eServices enterprise agreement is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses and large businesses, but small businesses can also use their many online service features.

You can insert z.B a description of the company (must be longer than a single line) – you can copy and paste this information from your website if appropriate 3.1 We collect and process the following data about you: . 6.2 In order to provide benefits, we send personal data to the following data sets: You have data protection rights regarding your personal data.