Sap Pi Sender Agreement Not Found

Operation: When the sender interface has operations, assignments are assigned based on those operations. Error: the shipping agreement was not found, the search for fixing by CPA-CACHE for the type of adapter RFC failed. So why does one of B-IP`s calls suddenly use the WS channel when there is no shipping agreement? What other configuration could this cause? The scenario is – IP must select data from the view of an hana database. I use jdbc channels for that. senderAgreement not found: FAILED CPA cache fixing search for Adaptertype RFC, dapterNS, direction INBOUND, parParty “, fomService `HORIZONISU`, to Party “, toServ 1. Have you created a sending agreement for your scenario? The chain agreement has not been found? HI Yeeloonkhoo, First of all, I would like to thank you for writing the blog below, which is very helpful, I was tempted from your blog to follow my IDOC to REST Asy/Sync, as you mentioned in your blog for some reason in the REST receiver it hasn`t replaced setting name interface module, as stated in your blog to use the synchronous interface name (as used in the 1st scenario), but if I use the synchronous interface name in the agreeemnt transmitter, in the interface of its undetermined operation mapping, I thought I`d take some advice from you. If you want to develop a module for sender/FTP adapters and access the file name in the module, check out SAP 819761. The adapter determines the payload of message XI based on its configuration. However, the information of the message head is determined from the corresponding sending agreement for the communication channel. (32) If found, select all lines. Add user IDs to the role If you have limited access to the running time to some service users for a sender component, you can fine-tune these restrictions with respect to the sender interface.

Assign authorized users to the built-in configuration that contains the communication component and interface in the object key. Hello Rajiv, “but if I sync interfacename in the agreeemnt transmitter, in the destination of the sound interface do not identify the mapping operation” For the sender agreement: So you have the same behavior with mine.