Seventh Community Pharmacy Agreement

“The Pharmacy Guild thanks Health Minister Greg Hunt and the Department of Health for entering into this agreement for the benefit of all Australian patients who rely on their local pharmacy for medicines, advice and professional pharmacy services,” said Mr Tambassis. 7CPA recognises the important role community pharmacies play in improving the health of all Australians. The agreements ensure the safety of the government and small pharmacies responsible for effectively delivering PBS drugs on behalf of taxpayers, to the benefit of patients. Since 1990, the remuneration received by pharmacists for dispensing pharmaceutical benefits scheme (PBS) medicines and the rules for the establishment of pharmacies have been governed by a series of agreements between the Australian Government and the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (the Guild). Over time, these agreements have grown to include professional pharmacy programs and services. The PKF team specializes in retail and community pharmacy and has been advising pharmacy owners for over 20 years. Regardless of the size of your business, whether you operate a pharmacy or multiple pharmacies, you should have the following three things to ensure your pharmacy is ready and ready to adapt: the CSO Funding Pool contributes to the delivery of PBS medicines in small volume to community pharmacies across Australia and that all PBS medicines are delivered to rural and remote municipal pharmacies. Since 2005, the Australian government has provided funding to a Community Services Obligation (CSO) Funding Pool. The CSO Funding Pool ensures that all Australians have continuous access to the full range of PBS medicines through community pharmacies.

It offers financial support to pharmaceutical wholesalers and supplies the full range of PBS drugs regardless of the location of the pharmacy and relative delivery costs. Experience shows that most companies will do nothing, which means that their gross profit erodes, while the overhead costs remain the same, resulting in less profit or, in many cases, actual losses for the pharmacy owner. The most discerning operators will look for ways to minimize the lost margin and grow and expand their businesses under new market conditions. For example, a pharmacy may implement a strategy to increase the cart size and average transaction value by offering packages of complementary products. “The important role of local municipal pharmacies in Australia`s healthcare system has never been more visible than in 2020, when the COVID emergency and bushfires in several states weighed and weighed on the primary health system. In these challenging times, community pharmacies have remained open to serve patients and ensure the continued availability of medicines and other Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme products and services, including vaccination,” Tambassis said. The 7CPA aims to improve patient choice and health skills in access to medicines by community pharmacies. .

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