Subject Verb Agreement Packet Pdf

4 singular themes, i.e. examples: each of the pupils strives /strives. Use the verb with s. The doctor, like the nurses, work hard. (B) If the SUBJECT is plural, choose the verb that ends without the s. Plural subject, examples: The windows of the house are easily glued/glued. Use the verb without s. Girls, with their dogs, walk around every day. (C) When two subjects are related by or by nor, the verb normally corresponds to the near SUBJECT. SUBJECT Singular, so examples: either the vase or the court was/were a gift. Use the verb with s. Neither the teacher nor his students were present. PLURAL SUBJECT, then use the verb without s.

NOTE: Try to replace them (plural pronouns), then use a plural verb (without s). Try replacing or replacing them (singularpronomen), then use a singularverb (with s.). II. Find the SUBJECT: (Remember that the SUBJECT cannot be one or more words you crossed out in number I).). EXAMPLES: Each of the students works or works hard. THEME [Girls], with their dogs, walking/walking every day. THEME Either the vase or the [court] was/were a gift. III. Select the verb: (A) If the SUBJECT is singular, select the verb that ends on s. .